Tuning Up

Coming into the winter season, the pep band is preparing their entertainment for Notre Dame home basketball games.

Pep band focuses on choreographed musical entertainment for fans and teams during games. The band will play classic sport specials and requested songs by students while helping school spirit and also raising morale. 

Mr. Ben “Profe” Edwards, a Spanish teacher and director in the Pep band, is excited about the new season.

“We want to have a great sound, bring energy and excitement to the basketball games,” said Edwards. 

Pep band will also welcome an abundance of freshmen and their potential. 

“We have six new freshmen, and I’m excited to help them grow,” said Edwards. 

The talented seniors and juniors will have to be good role models for them this season to bring that excitement that we all love from our pep band. 

The first home basketball game is December 13th. Don’t forget to be there to hear the pep band in action.