Development Office Transitions to Advancement Office

In November, the Notre Dame Regional High School Board approved the school’s strategic plan to be implemented over the next five years. One of the objectives of the strategic plan is to centralize the enrollment process with the addition of a position that is focused on enrollment management. It was determined that this position would be best suited to work closely with the development office. To reflect this addition to the development office, the office is changing its name to the Notre Dame Advancement Office. This change better reflects the evolving expectations and responsibilities of the Development Office and its staff which will now include enrollment management.

Why use the word ‘advancement’ instead of ‘development’? Advancement is a strategic and integrated approach to advancing the mission of Notre Dame Regional High School, while development is just a facet of that process that focuses on raising resources to contribute to overall advancement efforts. An advancement office has four main focus areas: development, enrollment management, alumni relations, and marketing & communications.

What is enrollment management? Enrollment management is a dynamic system and systems process that integrates functions having to do with recruiting, funding, tracking, retaining and replacing students as they move toward, within, and away from an educational institution.

In addition to adding the new position of Assistant Director of Advancement for Enrollment Management, Alex Jackson’s title has been updated to Director of Advancement, and Jordan Eastridge’s title has been updated to Assistant Director of Advancement for Development Services and Communications. These changes are in line with the objectives outlined by our community in the strategic plan, and will ensure Notre Dame will be able to build stronger relationships with potential, current and past families, and alumni and friends.