Meet the Hi-Lites Staff: Andrew Davis

Hosting a sports blog isn’t something that you would expect a busy high school student to take on, but junior Andrew Davis does it professionally and successfully, along with managing his homework and extracurricular activities. For Andrew, it was a dream that he put into action this year.

“I started writing it around the end of August or start of September of this year,” Andrew said. “I released my first episode on September 8th.”

Andrew has always been interested in sports media. He takes the Journalism class at Notre Dame as one way to expand his interests. Also, he is dedicated to following sports media outside of the school.

“I have followed so many smaller reporters, and after seeing them talk about my favorite sports and players, I wanted to share my thoughts,” Andrew explained. “It gave me a fun outlet to share my sports opinions without having to annoy people that don’t care about sports.”

Andrew also shared his passion for working up through the tiers of commentating and broadcasting. He clearly knows everything there is to know about local Bally Sports Midwest commentators for the St. Louis Cardinals, Dan McLaughlin, Brad Thompson, and Jim Hayes, as well as the commentators for his favorite football team, the Miami Dolphins, such as Kevin Harlan. He spoke with inspiration, admiration, and respect for these people, as he hopes to be in their position for his long-term career.

“I truly hope to be in that career when I’m older,” Andrew said. “Hopefully, one day, you will turn on the radio or TV and hear or see the voice of the St. Louis Cardinals or Miami Dolphins.”