Meet the Hi-Lites Staff: Emma Steimle

A love for reading and writing that started to bloom about a year ago turned active in Emma Steimle’s school studies. She now uses reading as an escape and time to relax and fully enjoy another character’s life and storyline.

“Reading has become a stress reliever for me,” Steimle said. 

When asked about reading and what she likes about it, Emma’s face lit up in love and adoration talking about how much reading has impacted and influenced her life in the past year. 

“I love storytelling and writing, and I love the way authors paint pictures with words,” Steimle expressed. 

Another effect of her newfound love for reading is in Stemile’s class schedule. She is taking as many English and writing classes as she can her last year at Notre Dame, and she hopes to make a big impact as a member of the Hi-Lites staff.

“I want to produce something people would enjoy and benefit from reading.”