Meet the Hi-Lites Staff: Sieara Joiner

As a creative, imaginative, and witty writer of the 2022 Hi-Lites staff, Sieara Joiner is ready to publish never before seen works by using her art skills and unique personality.

Sierra plays an essential role in the small journalism staff because of her enthusiastic attitude toward art. She brings a new artistic perspective to all the articles she writes and presents individualistic solutions to any bumps in the road that fellow staff writers may face.

Sierra’s unique solutions stem from her passion for art. She’s constantly creating new art in the classroom or on the street with the outfits she wears. Sierra’s artistic hobbies consist of painting, charm making, clay crafts, and sewing, but she has a natural knack for drawing and bringing faces to life on paper.

Sieara loves art so much that she wants to continue her art education after high school and become an art or theology teacher in the future.

“Journalism is different because we all find hidden stories and present them in a unique light,” said Joiner.