Meet the Hi-Lites Staff: Nicholas Gaeta

Nicholas Gaeta looks to use his writing skills to connect with his sports interests throughout the school as he heads into his first venture with public writing.

“I plan to use these skills for my future writing, whether it be projects or resumes,” Gaeta said. “These skills will help in my professional career, as I can use these to speak with my management and fellow staff in the future.”

Gaeta is an avid sports fan along with being a baseball player here at Notre Dame, so he spoke about connecting sports with his writing, as well.

“I look forward to covering sports stories here at Notre Dame and also combining my sports interests with my writing interests so that I can write about something that really interests me, which will hopefully make my writings better and more passionate,” Gaeta explained.

Aside from sports, one of Nick Gaeta’s favorite hobbies is writing in general.

“Other than sports, I like writing papers and research projects, like how I do in English class,” Gaeta explained. “They help me learn new things and increase my writing skills.”