A Season of Growth

Coming off a 12-15 season last year, the 2022 boys basketball team has some major shoes to fill. However, this season’s roster is looking full of leaders who are all diligently working to become the best team they can be. 

“Greg [Dennis], Brock [Clippard], Reece [Callow], and Wil [Morgan] are great leaders” said Head Coach Paul Unterreiner. “We really have good leadership all around, even the younger boys have stepped up to set the tone for the freshman this year.”

“I feel like I am a good team leader, watching the people before, they taught me well,” said senior Greg Dennis.

The team has been working tirelessly, not only as basketball players but also as people. 

“We talk a lot about how we conduct ourselves, and our priorities in our lives, but then we get on the floor to commit those two hours to each other and always give good effort,” said Unterreiner.

Focusing on these efforts leads to great goals and many things to look forward to.  

“I’m most looking forward to growing with my guys as a team, watching the whole program grow, and winning as much as we can,” said senior Reece Callow. “Another goal of ours and the coaches is forming us into respectful young men that lead into our futures.”