Leading the Cheer

Notre Dame’s cheer team has a big year ahead with two new coaches leading the girls. Coach Abigail Estes coaches the varsity girls and Coach Madison Heisserer coaches the JV girls. They both cheered together at ND and are excited to be back to coach.

“Bulldog madness really got us in the mood, got us in the energy for the season to start, and I really think it’s looking up from there,” said Heisserer.

Many people on the team are also hyped about the upcoming season. Juniors Julianne Oliver and Jacqueline Taylor are very excited about this year and have said it will be “straight fire.”

“I’m so excited to be on varsity this year and cheering for our varsity teams. I think it’s going to be a great season,” said Oliver. 

Senior, Emma-Claire Self is getting ready to experience her first ND cheer season since she enrolled at ND and is excited to be with everyone and to soak up this season.  

“Make sure you don’t wish the season away as an underclassman,” shared Self, “because time soars.”