Spontaneous and Successful Scholar Bowl

The ND Scholar Bowl season is underway, with competitions often taking place on Saturdays and rotating around the school district, meaning lots of early mornings and travelling.

Putting hours of dedication toward the common goal as a team means the team members will be challenging each other to see what groups they best fit into.

“As a first time member of the scholar bowl team, I had no idea what to expect, but the team has been pretty cool and I’ve laughed a lot,” said first-year member, sophomore Mena Pavone.

Everybody in Scholar Bowl has their own strengths, and groups are made according to how the strengths of each person blend together. Groups are made up of four people and are rotated in and out of depending on the meet and opposing team.  

In a nutshell, Scholar Bowl competitions look like team-based trivia game shows. The question is asked, and the clock ticks until somebody buzzes in with an answer. Questions can come from categories such as science, social studies, fine arts, communication arts, math and miscellaneous.

Scholar Bowl is a family and fun for everyone involved. Notre Dame currently has thirteen members on the Scholar Bowl team and would love to have more join.

As adviser Mr. Josh Green said, “You’re never gonna take the step and do it until you actually do it. It’s the sport for non-sportsy people, you can still have sportsy people do it 100%.”