Meet the Hi-Lites Staff: Emma-Claire Self

Returning Senior Hi-Lites staff member Emma Claire Self is excited for her first full year at Notre Dame. She happens to be a journalist in and out of Notre Dame. 

Self is a member of Rust Media’s Here. Literary Magazine writing board. Once students are accepted to this magazine, they begin to work with professors specializing in certain types of writing. 

“I mainly wanted to apply to see if I like being in a more professional environment because I’m looking at journalism as a potential career,” Self said.

She will eventually have one of her stories featured in the Here. Literary Magazine

Self came to Notre Dame in the middle of the 2021-2022 school year. As a senior she is experiencing not only senior festivities but all annual school wide festivities as well for the first time. 

“I am looking forward to getting to experience all the ND activities,” Self said.

As a member of the Hi-Lites staff she is able to go to all of these events and cover them for all to read about. 

Self is a personable, outgoing, and creative person. She plans to use her strengths to her advantage for all journalism projects. 

“I took journalism because I love writing, story telling, and I love talking to people,” Self said.