Alex Jackson Accepts Job at Washington University

Notre Dame’s Director of Advancement, Alex Jackson, has accepted a job at Washington University in St. Louis. Jackson, a 2005 graduate of Notre Dame Regional High School, has been the school’s Director of Advancement for the past six years. Jackson also serves as the Executive Director of the NDHS Education Fund Foundation Board of Trustees.

“Alex has bled blue since he stepped foot on our campus in 2001 as a freshman, and, to no one’s surprise, was elected Student Body President his senior year. In 2017, he came on as the Director of Advancement and took us to new places, once again, to no surprise. Alex Jackson is a great advocate of Notre Dame and Catholic education; bleeding blue through and through. Thank you, Alex, for your love and passion for all things Notre Dame,” said Notre Dame Assistant Principal Paul Unterreiner.

Jackson also works closely with the Notre Dame Athletic Department.

“Alex has transformed so much with Notre Dame athletics,” said Athletic Director Jeff Graviett. “He was essential in transforming our golf tournaments to an event highlighting our corporate partners. He was essential in the forming of our Hall of Fame banquet, and he played a huge role in bringing our digital scoreboard project to life. As an athletic department we are very grateful to Alex for helping ND athletics and the ND Booster Club grow over his time here.”

“Reflecting on the time I have spent leading the Advancement Office and collaborating with the NDHS Education Fund Foundation Board of Trustees, as well as the remarkable team at Notre Dame Regional High School, it has been an honor to witness firsthand the transformative impact of our initiatives and witness the lives we have positively touched,” said Jackson.

“To say that Alex will be missed is an understatement,” said Notre Dame Principal Tim Garner. “Over the past four years, Alex and I have forged a great working relationship. We have had many vital discussions on our vision for the future of Notre Dame. Those discussions have been instrumental to the path that we are now embarking upon. He has used his love for Notre Dame and his passion for fundraising to help the school in ways that will be long lasting. Alex was a crucial piece to the success of our most recent strategic plan and the implementation of its objectives.” 

“I am committed to ensuring a smooth transition and will work closely with Tim Garner and the NDHS Education Fund Foundation Board to ensure that all pending projects are handed over seamlessly,” said Jackson. “I am confident that Notre Dame Regional High School and the NDHS Education Fund Foundation will continue to flourish under Principal Garner’s leadership and the collective efforts of the exceptional individuals involved on the Board and at Notre Dame Regional High School.”

“Alex’s transition to a new job is definitely bittersweet,” said Garner. “I am excited for him and the opportunities that this transition will bring for him. I am saddened that Notre Dame is losing such an important leader and that I am saying goodbye to an important friend and colleague.”