Together We are ND!

I will never forget Friday night August 18, when I heard the news: Brother David would be leaving ND. I was devastated.

But time goes on.  Brother David was reassigned to St. Anthony’s High School on Long Island and we’ve already begun this year without him.

But we are not lost as a school. As a matter of fact, we’re on the right path. The path Brother David set for us in his twenty years of service as our principal.

What Brother left for us was a school strengthened and united by tradition, legacy, and most importantly: faith.  We all individually can carry on those values.

Brother David said in an interview, “ND is kept together through God and prayer. How can a school named after our Holy Mother fail?  It’s not going to happen.”

We are also gifted with the best leader to help us do just that, Interim Principal, Mr. Tim Garner.  Garner has served Notre Dame for nearly 20 years and is an alum of Notre Dame. During his years as an ND student, he was very active playing baseball and acting in musicals, including Into the Woods.

Garner studied at Rockhurst College in Kansas City, Missouri, where he received a Bachelor’s degree in Biology. Garner went on to study Administration at William Woods University in Fulton, Mo. He received his Master’s in Administration in 1999.

We’re moving into a new era with new leadership. As long as we keep ourselves on the same path we will never fail in carrying out Brother David’s mission: keeping our school spirit and faith alive.

Activity Week is right around the corner. What better way to raise our school spirit than to sell more than we ever have before?

Our sports are also a good opportunity to show off our colors and go crazy with spirit. Brother David visited almost every game he could in every sport. We can do the same.

When people see how we perform as a school this year they will know what we mean when we say, “Together…We are ND”.

by Mason Galemore, Editor in Chief of the ND student newspaper The Hi-Lites