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Theology Department

Get to know our Theology Department below.

Department Highlights

  • New electives have been added in Church History Through the Saints and Ecumenism & Inter-religious Dialogue.
  • The Mission Trip, that takes place every summer, is a good way for students to extend their service work to other parts of the country.
  • Campus Ministry helps to prepare liturgies. 
  • Senior Marriage Proposals give the students a chance to experience some of the difficulties with relationships. 
  • Every year the freshman gather for the Freshman Retreat Day and it is a way for them to be welcomed into the ND family and bond with each other. 
  • Sophomore Retreat Day is a continuance of the Freshman Retreat Day and follows the same concept.
  • Emmaus Retreat (Juniors) is a good way for the juniors to continue on their spiritual road and grow as a class. 
  • Kairos Retreat (Seniors) is the final retreat offered at ND and is a way for seniors to really open up to each other and bond as a class. 
  • Dual Credit Senior Theology is offered through SLU and transfers to other colleges as well. 
  • Women in God's Service (WiNGS) is offered for ND girls. It is a way for the young women of ND to grow in their relationship with God and learn how to be strong women in their faith.  WiNGS is very active with community service projects.
  • The Men's Club meets on the first Friday of each month and offers an opportunity for the ND men to strengthen their faith and their role as Christian men.

Theology Department Staff

Laura Halter

Member of the Theology Department

Sarah Strohmeyer

Member of the Theology Department

Director of Campus Ministry

Gail Timpe

Member of the Theology Department

Paul Unterreiner '02

Member of the Theology and P.E./Health Departments

Boys Basketball Varsity Head Coach

Matt Vollink '97

Member of the Social Studies and Theology Departments

Boys Soccer Varsity Head Coach

Girls Soccer Assistant Coach