Thank You Domain Members!

We want to give a sincere thank you to all of those that participated in the first phase of our strategic plan! These individuals gathered information about key areas of the school, conducted surveys and interviews, and together compiled a report on the state of the school. We are very grateful for the months of hard work and dedication to Notre Dame! We are nearing the completion of phase two of the strategic planning process where our top goals for the school will be identified…stay tuned!

Academic Domain
Annie Criddle
Brad Deken
Heather Dodson
Christina Duby
Jim Dufek
Laura Enderle
Gail Timpe

Advancement Domain
Meridith Brinkmeyer
Kay Glastetter
John Eric Klein ’05
Bunny Kohlfeld ’03
Jeff Maurer ’91
Casie Janet Mills ’03
Luke Mocherman ’13
Mike Renick ’96
Trent Summers ’97

Catholic Identity Domain
Ali Ferrell ’05
Deacon Rob Huff
Monica Kuhlmann Nugent ’89
Danna Parker
Matt Rubel ’96
Sarah Strohmeyer
Stacey Welter ’04
Kim Ziegler

Enrollment Domain
Madison Boeller ’11
Faith Brown
Lenell Hahn
Teresa Machicao-Hopkins
Jeff Hux
Alexana Koishor
Jamie Shaffar ’97

Facilities Domain
Tom Essner ’77
Blake Hagedorn ’14
Darin Halter
Greg Jansen ’87
Robert Michael
Allison Pfau ’08
Dennis Vollink
Penny Williams

Finance Domain
Jo Ann Barrett
Jennifer Coad
Tyler Cuba ’03
Brad Elfrink ’84
Steve Schmittzehe ’82

Governance Domain
Megan Andrews ’04
Alan Bruns ’89
Tom Howard ’73
Matt Rowland
Eric Schuchardt

Student Life Domain
LeeAnn Campbell
Emily Clippard ’93
Lucas Dirnberger ’06
Anita Eby
Melissa McGuire ’98
Mallory Siebert