Students Help Charleston Family

Seniors Cassidy Swain and Dawson Snider put their Faith in action by showing Christ’s love for a family in need.  Thank you to those who give so generously to our Liturgy collections. And thank you to Charleston High School for running the story. May God continue to bless the Harper family!

from Charleston Facebook:

AWESOME: When two students at Notre Dame Regional High School in Cape Girardeau heard about the Harper family’s accident last fall, they decided to take action.
Senior students Dawson Snider and Cassidy Swain took the idea to raise money for the family to their principal Brother David Migliorino, who says this is a regular part of the school’s liturgy. The school hosts several fundraisers like this every year to reach out and help organizations, people, and families in need.
“This is what we do,” said Brother David. “The students come to me with a need and we see what we can do to support.”
The Notre Dame students collected donations to be offered to the Harper family, and Cassidy Swain recently visited Charleston High School to present Christa Harper with a $500 check for her family!