See mission trip & retreat opportunities below.

Mission Trips

July Mission Trip

During July, Notre Dame students and faculty participate in a mission trip. San Antonio, Texas, Tuba City, Arizona, and Dulac, Louisiana are destinations for the summer mission trips. Students and faculty spend time working with the impoverished in these communities.

Franciscan Mission Trip

The Franciscan Mission Trip takes place in February and is a collaboration between high schools served by the Franciscan Brothers of Brooklyn. The location rotates between the schools; Notre Dame, St. Anthony’s and Bishop Ford. Students perform outreach in each of these school communities.


Senior Retreat

The Kairos Retreat is a four day, three night residential retreat. A number of students attend, led by a team composed of senior students and staff members. Major talks (each team member presents one) are followed by discussion in small groups. There are other particular activities to promote and build community, to foster trust and openness, and to encourage reflection. Kairos is offered to our students four times a year and takes place at King’s House Retreat Center in Belleville, IL.

Junior Retreat

The Emmaus retreat is a three day retreat focused on the scripture passage about the travelers talking with Jesus on the road to Emmaus. In the end, they recognize Jesus when He breaks the bread. The Juniors will look at their own journey as they participate in fun Christ centered activities.

Sophomore Retreat

A day away from school for the sophomore class. The theme is how their christian faith should translate into treating others with respect and dignity.

Freshman Retreat

The second day of freshman orientation is a retreat day. The day focuses on the challenges and pressures of high school as well as the importance of justice and charity.