At Notre Dame Regional High School, our mission is to provide a Catholic education that develops each student’s mind, body, and spirit, centered in the teaching mission of Jesus Christ so that when you give us your child, we shall return you an apostle.

In February 2022, Notre Dame Regional High School officially kicked off the strategic planning process titled “Beyond the Building.” Over a nine month period, hundreds of hours of interviews, conversations, meetings and discussions took place, engaging over 1,000 Notre Dame community members.

The process has been an amazing opportunity to empower and better identify opportunities for growth at Notre Dame Regional High School. The strategic plan explores important areas of the school like Catholic identity, academics, advancement, enrollment, facilities, finance, governance and student life.

Below you will read goals and objectives set forth by the Notre Dame community for each of these areas. These goals and objectives have been given to the school’s administration for implementation over the next five years.

Thank you to everyone involved in this process, over the last near-century of the school’s history, and for those volunteering to make Notre Dame an even greater school for their future bulldogs. We appreciate your commitment to Notre Dame Regional High School, and we are inspired by those who have supported our school and are striving to create a better Catholic foundation for our students.

Stay up to date on the progress of implementation on this webpage.

Strategic Plan Goals & Objectives

1: Foster a faith-based education with a diversified curriculum that promotes academic excellence and supports students for life beyond high school.
2: Ensure that the most qualified staff are attracted, developed and retained.

1. Explore ways to provide and promote practical, trade-based educational opportunities through internal resources, programming and partnerships with other organizations.
2. Focus on incorporating life skills throughout curricular and extracurricular offerings. IN PROGRESS
3. Educate students and parents about Advanced Placement (AP) and dual credit opportunities, and evaluate all post-secondary credit options. IN PROGRESS
4. Enhance professional development opportunities for faculty and staff in subject area knowledge, general teaching development and coaching.
5. Investigate competitive compensation to help ensure attraction and retention of faculty and staff.

Create a culture of investing time, talent and treasure, while educating the Notre Dame family about the resources needed to support and maximize the educational needs and faith journey of students.

1. Clearly identify and communicate the purpose and value of the NDHS Education Fund Foundation. IN PROGRESS
2. Evaluate the capacity, prioritize the need, and assess the effectiveness of volunteers on an ongoing basis. IN PROGRESS
3. Engage recent graduates with opportunities to stay connected.
4. Design and execute a comprehensive development plan that includes planned giving, led by an appropriately staffed advancement team. IN PROGRESS
5. Establish a communication plan that enhances the accessibility of information both internally and externally.

Actively engage the whole Notre Dame community to foster an authentic life of faith, centered on Christ in the Eucharist.

1. Encourage students to participate in and grow their faith by relating the Catholic teachings to current social issues.
2. Train the lay faculty and staff to effectively engage with students in an authentic manner regarding the understanding of Church teachings, with the desire to add professed religious to the staff.
3. Explore ways to partner with parents to enhance the faith lives of their families.
4. Develop an approach to integrate the retreat experience into the daily lives of students.

Be the school of choice for families wanting a transformational Catholic education experience that prepares students for both college and life.

1. Design a comprehensive enrollment management plan that is led by a director of admissions. IN PROGRESS
2. Proactively promote the Notre Dame mission and brand, with meaningful communications and personal engagement, to Pre-K through eighth grade families and schools throughout the region.
3. Increase marketing and accessibility of available tuition assistance options. IN PROGRESS

Properly maintain and develop a safe, attractive and welcoming campus to support the learning environment and Catholic mission for generations to come.

1. Improve Notre Dame Drive by evaluating options for a secondary entrance and collaborating with authorities on the Route K intersection.
2. Develop a five-year master facilities plan with funding needs integrated into the school budget.
3. Perform an annual technology audit to assess current and future needs.
4. Conduct routine safety assessments to identify vulnerable areas, and communicate findings and resolutions to parents and the community.

Establish and implement a transparent and sustainable long-term strategy to ensure the viability of the school’s financial model.

1. Develop a rolling ten-year financial plan to encompass the current and future budgetary ambitions.
2. Assess the viability of the Bingo program and explore alternative means of fundraising. IN PROGRESS
3. Evaluate the sustainability of the current tuition model while investigating alternative means of funding. IN PROGRESS
4. Develop an effective communication plan to raise awareness of all aspects of the school’s financial needs.

Create a structure in which the administration, school board and Diocese collaborate in the decision-making process for long range planning and policymaking.

1. Regularly review the school board bylaws, at least every five years.
2. Develop an annual plan for reviewing long-range goals.
3. Create an open dialogue with area clergy to actively involve them in the school board process.
4. Clearly define the school board member roles and responsibilities, and provide communications to the school community regarding board roles and major agenda items. IN PROGRESS
5. Develop a formal school board recruitment process that provides opportunities for all parishioners to be involved.

Infuse a faith-based formation that encourages holistic growth in every student.

1. Create a pro-active and faith-based wellness program with specific tools to support mental health.
2. Communicate counselor roles and qualifications to the Notre Dame community. IN PROGRESS
3. Collaboratively review the student handbook to create better awareness and understanding, strengthen consistent enforcement and develop accountability.
4. Establish clear criteria for creating and sustaining club organizations to increase student participation, promote excellence and decrease moderator fatigue.
5. Explore the addition of an agriculture program.

Goal Writing Weekend Participants
Jo Ann Barrett, Rev. Daniel Belken, Felecia Blanton, Carolyn Bohnert ‘60, Faith Brown, Jamie Burger, Glenn Campbell ‘83, Jason Coalter, Annie Criddle, Martina Dannenmueller, Brad Deken, Heather Dodson, Christina Duby, Julie Duenne, Bill Ecker, Michelle Eftink, Ryan Eftink ‘95, Robert Essner ‘73, Tom Essner ‘77, Sarah Fahrner ‘03, Katie Fennewald, Amy Galemore, Blake Hagedorn ‘14, Darin Halter, Tom Howard ‘73, Tyler Hulshof ‘13, Jeff Hux, Clorinda James, Chris Janet ‘80, Missy Jansen, Hayden Jansen ‘21, Greg Jansen ‘87, Jan Kelley ‘78, Scott Keran, Alexana Koishor, Ashley Litzelfelner ‘03, Janice Madalon, Jeff Maurer ‘91, Allison Pfau ‘08, Dan Presson, Alecia Robert ‘83, Matt Rowland, Jack Ruopp ‘77, Rev. Allan Saunders, Jared Self, Mallory Siebert ‘10, Chesnye Steward, Sarah Strohmeyer, JP Thompson ‘07, Gail Timpe, Dennis Vollink, Ann Welker ‘76, Stacey Welter ‘04, Stephanie Williamson, Madison Williams ‘12, Emily Wright, Corrie Young, Kim Ziegler

Domain Groups

Heather Dodson, Chair
Laura Enderle, Chair
Annie Criddle
Brad Deken
Christina Duby
Jim Dufek
Gail Timpe, Staff

Jeff Maurer ‘91, Chair
Mike Renick ‘96
Kay Glastetter
John Eric Klein ‘05
Casie Janet Mills ‘03
Luke Mocherman ‘13
Trent Summers ‘97
Mary Catherine Kohlfeld ‘03
Meridith Brinkmeyer ‘07, Staff

Catholic Identity
Stacey Welter ‘04, Chair
Ali Ferrell ‘05
Deacon Rob Huff
Monica Kuhlmann
Nugent ‘89
Danna Parker
Matt Rubel ‘96
Kim Ziegler
Sarah Strohmeyer, Staff

Teresa Machicao-Hopkins, Chair
Faith Brown
Madison Boeller ‘11
Lennell Hahn
Jeff Hux
Jamie Shaffar ‘97
Alexana Koishor, Staff

Darin Halter, Chair
Tom Essner ‘77
Blake Hagedorn ‘14
Greg Jansen ‘87
Allison Pfau ‘08
Dennis Vollink
Penny Williams
Robert Michael, Staff

Steve Schmittzehe ‘82, Chair
Jennifer Coad
Tyler Cuba ‘03
Brad Elfrink ‘84
Jo Ann Barrett, Staff

Alan Bruns ‘89, Chair
Megan Andrews ‘04
Tom Howard ‘73
Eric Schuchardt
Matt Rowland, Staff

Student Life
Anita Eby, Chair
LeeAnn Campbell
Emily Clippard ‘93
Lucas Dirnberger
Melissa McGuire ‘98
Mallory Siebert ‘10, Staff

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