Notre Dame Regional High School

Cape Girardeau, MO

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Physical Ed./Health Department

Get to know our Physical Ed./Health Department below.

Department Highlights

  • Upper PE classes enjoy off-campus activities such as bowling and golf.
  • New sports facilities were added in 2012.
  • Diverse Curriculum includes social dance, individual sports, and team sports.
  • Upgrades have been made to the weight room.
  • Weight Lifting classes utilize TeamBldr using tablets to record progress and see improvements. 
  • Health class is required during the sophomore year.
  • Coaches run a Summer Agility and Weight Training Camp for high school students.

Physcial Ed./Health Department Staff

Jeremy Brinkmeyer '05

Head of the P.E./Health Department

Boys Basketball Junior Varsity Head Coach

Kirk Boeller '06

Member of the Social Studies and P.E./Health Departments

Girls Basketball Varsity Head Coach

Josh Eftink '00

Member of the P.E./Health Department

Baseball Junior Varsity Head Coach

Deana Pecord

Member of the Performing and Visual Arts and P.E./Heath Departments

Dance Team Head Coach

Paul Unterreiner '02

Member of the Theology and P.E./Health Departments

Boys Basketball Varsity Head Coach