Notre Dame Regional High School Performing and Visual Arts Hall of Fame


  • The purpose of this award is to recognize alumni and past or present faculty who have excelled in the performing or visual arts. These fields include dance, music, theatre and visual arts.
  • In doing this, we give present and future students role models of achievement and instill in them the knowledge that they, too, are capable of success personally and professionally.


  • Alumni who attended Notre Dame High School and graduated no less than 10 years prior to acceptance into the Performing and Visual Arts Hall of Fame. An individual may be accepted posthumously. Qualifications for induction include the nominees involvement and achievements in the performing or visual arts of St. Mary, Cape Catholic, Notre Dame and Notre Dame Regional High School, as well as their contributions and accomplishments after graduation.
  • Adults, who have served as teachers and have made significant contributions through their dedicated work with students in the performing and visual arts, may also be considered for acceptance.

Nomination Procedures and Deadlines

  • Completed nomination forms must be received by October 1st annually.
  • Public announcement of inductees will be made by November 15th annually.
  • Applications may also be completed online at

Selection Procedure

  • A committee will review the nomination forms and select those who merit recognition.
  • Selection will be based on criteria along with the judgment of the selection committee.
  • Accomplishments should be consistent with the desire to set a good example for students and to motivate them to pursue careers in the fine arts.
  • The selection committee will make an effort to include a diversity of representation in the various fields of performing and visual arts.


  • The Performing and Visual Arts (PAVA) board will host a banquet in the spring prior to the Saturday evening performance of the musical. The purpose of this event is to honor current inductees.
  • A plaque including the name, graduating year and photo of the honoree will be displayed.

Current Members

Listed A-Z

  • Michael Ansberry, inducted 2015, class of 1973
  • Claire Bira, inducted 2018, class of 2007
  • Alan Bruns, inducted 2017, class of 1986
  • Matthew Buttrey, inducted 2015, class of 1995
  • Dr. Dan Cotner, inducted 2014, orchestra member
  • Liesl Schoenberger Doty, inducted 2014, class of 2002
  • Sister Rosel Feder, inducted 2015, SSND
  • Jon Greenwood, inducted 2016, class of 1985
  • Michael Gummersheimer, inducted 2019, class of 1988
  • Jean Hermsdorfer, inducted 2016, class of 1976
  • Jim Keusenkothen, inducted 2017, class of 1986
  • Ronald Koehler, inducted 2014, class of 1968; ND Faculty 1973-1976
  • Lenny Kuper, inducted 2019, orchestra member; ND Faculty
  • Craig Milde, inducted 2014, class of 1984
  • Justin Moore, inducted 2016, class of 2004
  • Tom Neumeyer, inducted 2015, class of 1968
  • Ben Pierce, inducted 2017, class of 2002
  • Norval Randol, inducted 2015, orchestra member
  • Mike Renick, inducted 2016, class of 1996
  • Bill Schlitt, inducted 2014, class of 1973
  • Carly Schneider, inducted 2018, class of 2008
  • Roger Seyer, inducted 2014, class of 1985
  • Marty Strohmeyer, inducted 2019, class of 1991
  • Mike Sullivan, inducted 2014, class of 1975
  • Ann Welker, inducted 2018, class of 1976; ND Faculty
  • Greg Worley, inducted 2018, class of 1991