Math Field Day

Notre Dame math students competed with 570 other students from 27 schools from Southeast Missouri and Southern Illinois in Math Field Day at Southeast Missouri State University on April 11, 2019.  Congratulations to the following Notre Dame students:

Medley Team—2nd place (Yanlin Hu, Rajan Marasini, Jinwoo Park, Lily Parker)
Trig Team—3rd place (Brayden Eftink, Nicholas Hux, Austin McGill, Paul Scherer)
Algebra II Team—1st place (Bradley Cleveland, Jihyun Kim, Claire Southard, Noel Keran)
Geometry Team—3rd place (Narine Berberian, Jonny Dohogne, Kristen Jansen, Avery Johnson)

Non-Routine Word Problems—Claire Southard, 2nd
Word Problems—Kristen Jansen, 3rd
Sets and Logic—Claire Southard, 2nd
Exponents and Logarithms—Nicholas Hux, 2nd
Number Theory—Yanlin Hu, 3rd and Claire Southard, 2nd
Probability—Hannah Dodson, 3rd
Algebra—Jinwoo Pard, 3rd and Hannah Dodson, 2nd
Mental Arithmetic—Yanlin Hu, 3rd
Data Analysis—Rajan Marasini, 2nd

Problem Solving (all participants worked together on this event)—3rd

Thank you to all our Notre Dame Math Teachers who make this possible!! Thank you Lily Parker for photos!