"I have given you a model to follow, so that as I have done for you, you should also do."
- John 13:15

Christian Service Program Time Sheet

Notre Dame’s Christian Service Program began in the 1993-94 school year, offering students a chance for recognition for service to their local and faith community. In addition to the Christian Service Program, each student club performs community service


Being a Christian means living out our faith in the Church and in our community. Christ calls us to a real concern for the poor. Jesus ministered to all those in need.

Notre Dame students are encouraged to participate in the volunteer service projects in the Church and community at large. We also wish to recognize service that is already being done.


The Christian Service Letter is an extracurricular volunteer activity. Volunteer service means that the work is done on the students’ own time without pay. Areas of service are faith community (parish), school community (Notre Dame), and secular community (home town).

Junior varsity status requires 80 hours. Varsity status requires 120 hours. All service must be documented. See the link at the top of this page for a printable time sheet. Students are eligible for a junior varsity or a varsity letter at any time during their academic career at Notre Dame. Service hours performed during the summer before the student’s freshman year to graduation are eligible. It is the student’s responsibility to record all hours of service. Have an adult supervisor sign your sheet for each session of service. Some service sites provide their own time sheets. These are acceptable.

Faculty advisers will review the candidate’s documentation of service hours. Letters will be awarded at the first all-school liturgy of the following year awards assembly. Students will receive only one award per assembly.


Upon the successful completion of the requirements for the Christian Service Letter, the student will be awarded the “Christian Service Letter.” The award will be the same letter as is used for junior varsity and varsity sports and academics. A silver ichthys will accompany the junior varsity letter, and a gold ichthys will accompany the varsity letter. The ichthys is the fish used as a symbol of Christianity. A gold bar will be awarded for each 40 hours beyond the varsity letter. A maximum of two bars will be awarded.