Activity Week Results

School Net Profit: $221,834.80

The Faculty, Staff, and Students would like to thank everyone for their support! A special thanks to the parents who put in countless hours at dinners!. And thank you to the greater Cape Girardeau community for supporting our students by purchasing items and attending our dinners.

Class Results

In fourth place is the Freshmen with a total profit of $55,721.32 or $449.37 per capita.

In third place is the Sophomore with a total profit of $57,083.63 or $460.35 per capita.

In second place is the Juniors with a total profit of $57,692.20 or $488.92 per capita.

The CROWN goes to the SENIORS with a total profit of $73,720.62 or $630.09 per capita.

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE KING AND QUEEN: Jake Young and Mary-Catherine Young.

The Senior Class will choose the Principal for the Day.

Top Salesperson for each All-School sales item

Each student wins $100 cash.

FRUIT —  Elizabeth Pineda selling $1,484.00

CANDY — Ben Schumer selling $420.00

MAGAZINES — Kathleen Johnson selling $510.00

TRASH BAGS — Joseph Stroup selling $6,894.00

RAFFLE TICKETS — Madison Bonham selling $1,690.00

IMO’s PIZZA — Ben Pearson selling $410.00

BUTTER BRAIDSMadison Bonham selling $1,485.00

Homeroom Top Sales

Freshman Homeroom: #405, Miss Mallory Siebert, $355.07 per capita

Sophomore Homeroom: #408, Mr. Richie Bohn, $500.15 per capita

Junior Homeroom: #501, Mrs. Tanya Davis, $422.38 per capita

Senior Homeroom: #418, Mr. Ryan Schweain, $679.18 per capita

The OVERALL TOP HOMEROOM and winning a catered breakfast – #418, Mr. Ryan Schweain

Top Overall Salespersons

1st Place: Chloe Dumey

The ND VIP will receive their own marked parking space, first in lunch line with a friend, night on the town with dinner for 4 at 36 Restaurant and game passes at Dogwood Social, off-campus lunch with friends and favorite teacher with class dress down and dress down for 2 weeks with 4 friends.

Additional top 4 salespersons

Receives their choice from the following:

  • Marked parking spot and first in lunch line with a friend for the rest of the school year.
  • Night on the town with dinner for 4 at 36 Restaurant and game passes at Dogwood Social.
  • Catered lunch w/ your favorite teacher and 4 friends and dress down for the whole class that day.
  • Student and 4 friends get to dress down for 2 weeks.
2nd Place: Joe Stroup, $6,954.00
3rd Place: Madison Bonham, $4,601.00
4th Place: Peyton DeLine, $4,013.00
5th Place: Paige Campbell, $3,744.00



Students who sold their quota ($200), will get their name in the hat one time.  For every $50 over the quota, a student gets their name in an additional time.

Raffle Winners

Raffle Winners:

  • Rex Woodring won $1,000 in Gas – Compliments of Drury Southwest, Inc.
  • Jaden Barney won the Belladona Signature Spa Package – Complements of Belladona Salon & Spa
  • Debbie Lands won the Yeti Package – Compliments of Shooters Gun Shop Inc.
  • Anna Henneman won the Celtic Cross Necklace & “Spa” Cleaning Kit – Compliments of Jayson Jewelers
  • Melissa Vowels won the StayCation Package – Compliments of Mayson Capital Partners

Thank you to the area businesses that donated the raffle items!