Academic Support

School counselors assist students in their academic growth and development in a variety of ways. They facilitate individualized course planning based on student goals, and work to establish opportunities that meet identified student needs. School counselors collaborate with administrators, teachers and school staff on maintaining an environment that encourages academic success, and developing relationships with parents and the community.

The Notre Dame school counselors support students’ academic development through:

  1. Scheduling annual individual student sessions to facilitate relationship building and development of holistic goals–physical, academic, spiritual, wellness, and any additional personal goals
  2. Individual and group course advising
  3. Development of long term course plans with ongoing evaluation
  4. Working with administrators and faculty on evaluation and ongoing development of the curriculum to meet a variety of student needs and abilities
  5. Collaborating with the Learning Consultant regarding student 504s and IEPs
  6. Facilitating students’ internal exploration through personality-based career tests and discussion
  7. Informing students of local, state and national opportunities for external career exploration and leadership / interpersonal development
  8. Teaching students how to access and utilize resources available to them to build their skills to navigate processes necessary for their post-secondary goals

To allow the class counselors to focus on their caseload, the director of the counselors office is coordinator for a number of programs: the A+ Program; Advanced Placement (AP); all testing–PSAT/NMSQT, Test Prep ACT, and ACT; and SEMO and SLU dual credit.