Dancing Into a New Season

With winter sports in full swing, the Notre Dame dance team is in preparation for their season. The dance team consists of two seniors, four sophomores, and one freshman. For the dancers, their season is during basketball, keeping everyone entertained at home games during halftime. This dance and basketball season is what Coach Deana Pecord looks forward to the most.

“Basketball is my favorite season, and I just want my girls to get out there and I want them to be exciting to watch and I want them to learn,” said Pecord. 

The two seniors, Emma Riney and Karly Kasten, have been great role models and fabulous leaders for the team so far. 

“They have been wonderful,” Pecord said. “Karly and Emma play off of each other really well and work together for the rest of the team.” 

Along with Mrs. Pecord, Karly and Emma are ready for everything that their final dance season will include. 

“We are both super excited for Homecoming and planning that dance. It is always the most challenging but it is also the most rewarding to plan,” said Kasten. 

Everyone is looking forward to seeing what the dancers have in store for the winter season.