Notre Dame Power Hitter’s Last Rounds On the Court

Kristin Anderson, power hitter for Notre Dame Varsity Volleyball, dominates the court as team leader and senior outside hitter. Anderson devotes her life to volleyball, playing school ball and club ball, getting kills all year round and spending most of her time on the court. 

“I love everything about volleyball. I wouldn’t want to spend my time doing anything else,” Kristin said. Kristin is completely devoted to her sport and her roles on the team. 

Anderson has played varsity for three years now, and having an amazing game isn’t out of the ordinary. Anderson is Notre Dame’s top outside hitter and one of the biggest leaders on the team.

“I feel like I am a leader on the team. I bring people up when they need to be brought up and keep the energy of the team alive,” Anderson said.

Along with being a leader on the team, she is also a role model for inspiration and motivation.  Her teammates, parents, and peers are always looking at her and what she is doing. 

“It can be a little nerve racking having people’s eyes on me all time, but I’ve learned to control my emotions and my actions,” said Kristin.

Senior Anna Garner said, “It’s so nice to have a teammate like Kristin on the team. She really is the backbone for Notre Dame volleyball.”

Kristin doesn’t plan on playing volleyball in college, but she does plan to work hard to make this season the best it can be. Kristin knows that this season will be her last on the court and plans to make every moment count. She believes that the team will go far into districts and hopefully win. 

“I think we have a really good chance. I know we can work together and get a huge win for ND,” Anderson said.