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Notre Dame offers many opportunities for students to discover and enhance their God-given talents.  Whether it is Academic or Extra-Curricular, students can showcase their abilities and learn from our incredible faculty.

The Performing and Visual Arts Hall of Fame began in 2014 as a way to recognize alumni and past or present faculty who have excelled in the Arts.  We are proud of those who have paved the way and want to show our appreciation for the talent they shared at ND and how they have used that talent in their careers.

Spotlighters is made up of all the students enrolled in a Performing or Visual Arts class and their parents.  It is this council that provides support to our students during performances and shows, helps run fundraisers, and are instrumental in continuing the tradition of our Arts programs.

As we work to set the stage for future generations, part of our focus will be on improving the function and meeting the needs of our Arts programs.  Your help is needed to as we enter a new expansion project to improve our facilities. Thank you for your continued support!