Unity Through Competition: Activity Week Rallies Student Body

Activity Week 2022 was filled with incredible excitement and fun, and praised as one of the best ever in Notre Dame’s storied history. Once again, the four classes were pitted against each other to decide the winner of this year’s Activity Week.

The daily assemblies buzzed with excitement and burst with noise at every opportunity to applaud. At the beginning, it seemed that the sophomores were stealing the show from the seniors.

“I’m very impressed with the excitement level of the sophomore class,” Theology II teacher Mrs. Timpe said. “I truly believe that if they keep their pace, they could make it very tough on the seniors.

The daily assemblies always ended with the awarding of a dress down day to the class currently leading the standings in sales. On Monday, there was an unexpected upset as the sophomore class took home the dress down. 

However, as much as the sophomores’ pride and excitement carried them, they couldn’t keep their lead on Tuesday, as the daily dress down was awarded to the seniors after the assembly. 

“The seniors definitely have more chances and opportunities to raise money,” sophomore English teacher Mrs. Siebert said. “However, I have been at this school when the seniors haven’t won and the additional day off of school for making their quota was not awarded. Keep working hard and don’t give up.”

Although the sophomores may have been inspired, their lead was not regained, as Wednesday’s dress down award went to a new winner, the freshman class. This was completely unexpected, as the new freshman had been mostly quiet so far. However, it rallied the whole school and motivated them to keep selling so as not to let the freshmen beat them. 

On Thursday, with Activity Week past its halfway point, the seniors regained their throne and took home their second dress down day award. From this point on, the seniors solidified their lead among the classes with their amazing class dance at Friday’s assembly.

The final sales numbers were announced at the Activity Week dance by Principal Garner during the coronation of this year’s Activity Week King and Queen, Tryson Duby and Paige Compardo. Finally, the friendly competition ended with the seniors coming away with the victory. 

However, Principal Garner explained just how close the classes actually were, and how the whole school worked together to support each other. Together, Notre Dame Regional High School raised a grand total of $282,357.86.

“We did not set the record for top sales in terms of our senior class this year,” Principal Garner said. This was followed by a chorus of groans, which were quickly stopped by our principal. “This is not a bad thing!” he said. “This means that the rest of the school needed to step up, and they did.”