Tanya Davis Retiring from Notre Dame

After 19 years of service to Notre Dame Regional High School, Mrs. Tanya Davis has announced her retirement. Mrs. Davis is currently the head of the Family and Consumer Science Department and varsity cheerleading coach.

“It has been an honor to work with Mrs. Davis not only with our cheer program but as her co-worker. Mrs. Davis is Notre Dame cheer. Her work ethic and determination to perfect a stunt, cheer or routine is not only a lesson in cheerleading but in life. She has taught girls for 20 years that hard work, pushing yourself out of comfort zones and inspiring each other to be your very best is how we become the best version of ourselves. I have always been amazed and admired Mrs. Davis’s work ethic, and it has been a blessing working with her. It is hard to picture Notre Dame cheer without her, but she is leaving a legacy of excellence for future squads to look up to!” said Laura Halter, Assistant Athletic Director & Director of Student Activities.

Mrs. Davis teaches Foods, International Foods, Life Skills, Housing, and Clothing and Textiles. Her Foods class latest concoctions are always creating a delightful aroma in the halls of Notre Dame.

She is the creative brain behind many events at Notre Dame, especially Prom. She is the Blue Crew moderator, Junior class coordinator, Family Career & Community Leaders of America moderator, Activity Week co-coordinator and Junior Homeroom 501. Mrs. Davis holds a B.S. in Home Economics from Southeast Missouri State University and is part of the National Federation of State High School Associations and National Catholic Educational Association.

“It is amazing how much creativity can be found in one human being.  Tanya has a gift for being able to make anything look beautiful. In the classroom, the students have been blessed with a teacher that has such a passion for her subjects. Whether it’s our halls, our liturgies, dances, dinners, wherever, she has the gift to transform any room into something amazing and magical. Thank you, Tanya, for the impact that you have had on Notre Dame. Thank you for the countless hours of service that you have poured into every endeavor that you have been involved in. You bring so much joy to the things that you are passionate about and that you have made Notre Dame Regional High School a better place,” said Principal Tim Garner.