Physics students compete in Bridge Competition

Notre Dame students, led by Miss Mary Beth Vollink, competed in the bridge competition at Southeast Missouri State.  The competition is hosted by Missouri Department of Transportation and is in it’s 15th year.  Students must design and build a model bridge using balsa wood, thread, and glue. They are awarded for the weight of their bridge and how much it can hold.  There is also an award for the most aesthetic bridge and for the computer-based electronic bridge.

The students who participated were Dawson Compass, Emma Barnes, Addie Grim, Alex Harold, Linda Hu, Benton Keran, Brock Lange, Adam Moser, Julia Walker, and Andrew West.

Notre Dame students took 3rd place based on overall performance! Dawson Compas took 2nd place for building the lightest bridge that carried the greatest load.  Congratulations!

For more information visit the MoDot website at this link.