Notre Dame Takes the Sigma Award at Math Field Day

Notre Dame math students had a great showing at Southeast Missouri State University’s Math Field Day on April 20, 2023. The Bulldogs competed with 360 other students from 17 schools across southeast Missouri and southern Illinois. Students took home a plethora of first place individual and team wins; including the coveted Sigma Award given to the highest overall winner. Congratulations to all!

Team Categories
Medley Team: 1st place (Chloe Heisserer, Eve Jones, Celia Keran, Ella Shaffar)
Geometry Team: 1st (John Paul Alipala, Nicholas Dial, Elias Huff, Jack Keck)
Algebra I Team: 1st place (Ella Hahn, Claira Hornburg, Elena Ripperda, Lucy Ripperda)
Problem Solving: 1st place (all participants)
Trig Team: 2nd place (Luke Richey, Blake Schreckenberg, Ryan Smith, Thomas Southard)

Individual Categories
Sets and Logic: John Paul Alipala, 3rd Place
Probability: Luke Richey, 1st Place, & Daniel Massarweh, 3rd Place
Algebra Open: Charlie West, 1st Place
Algebra II: Matthew Austin, 1st Place, & Daniel Massarweh, 3rd Place
Geometry Open: Elias Huff, 2nd Place
Geometry: John Paul Alipala, 1st Place, & Nicholas Dial, 3rd Place
Matrices and Determinants: Celia Keran, 2nd Place
Calculator: Daniel Massarweh, 2nd Place
Computation: Will Dodson, 2nd Place
Calculus: Will Dodson, 1st Place
Analytic Geometry: Chloe Heisserer, 2nd Place, & Will Dodson, 3rd Place
Word Problems: Charlie West, 1st Place
Exponential/Log: Ryan Smith, 2nd Place
Number Theory: Luke Richey, 1st Place
Mental Arithmetic: Matthew Austin 2nd Place
Trig: Charlie West, 2nd Place
Data Analysis: Eve Jones, 3rd Place