Notre Dame Launches Strategic Plan Process

Notre Dame Regional High School is excited to announce the launch of a strategic planning process!

Notre Dame has been named a top 50 Catholic high school in the nation since 2005. At Notre Dame Regional High School, our mission is to provide a Catholic education that develops each student’s mind, body, and spirit, centered in the teaching mission of Jesus Christ so that when you give us your child, we shall return you an apostle.

As we look to the future of Notre Dame, we know that a long-term plan will proactively address challenges and leverage opportunities so we can fulfill our commitment to provide an exceptional Catholic education that maximizes every student’s potential. For these reasons, we’re embarking on the creation of a new strategic plan that will guide our work through the next five years.

Notre Dame Regional High School is working with Boston-based Partners in Mission to develop our strategic plan. Partners in Mission has facilitated highly successful, individualized strategic planning processes with hundreds of Catholic schools and dioceses across the country.

As we begin to build our strategic plan, we’ll be incorporating the ideas and opinions of constituents throughout our community. A Strategic Planning Steering Committee has been identified, which includes board members, current parents, alumni parents, alumni, faculty and staff. With the assistance of Partners in Mission, the committee will be meeting over the course of six months to gather data.

The Steering Committee is charged with gathering information regarding eight school domains. These domains include Academics, Advancement, Catholic Identity, Enrollment, Facilities, Finance, Governance and Student Life. The perceived strengths and weaknesses of each of these individual domains will be gathered via surveys, focus groups and individual interviews with a broad range of constituents in our school community. The purpose of this plan is to continue helping Notre Dame Regional High School move forward as an excellent school.

In the spirit of our strategic planning theme, Beyond the Building, we will be reaching out to members of our school community asking them to participate in the various stages of the process. A strategic plan will be developed after extensive assessment and analysis, based on stakeholder input, and will include goals, objectives, relevant benchmarks, and an implementation framework. The finished product will serve as a transformational guiding light over the next five years.

Together, our hope is that our efforts move our school forward in a positive way to continue providing a Catholic education to any student who wishes to attend Notre Dame. We aim to provide more opportunities for students to discover their passions, give back to our community, serve and connect with others, and grow in our Catholic faith at Notre Dame Regional High School.

For more information on the strategic plan process, contact the Development Office at For media inquiries, contact Principal Tim Garner at