Mr. Bohn: A legacy in the making

Mr. Bohn’s journey to become a high school teacher and coach is nothing but eventful. As a high school runner he couldn’t have guessed that he would end up back in the school teaching. Mr. Bohn began as an optimistic high school runner, ready to go to college to pursue a pharmaceutical degree. 

“I first went to Saint Louis College of Pharmacy. I went there for a few years and thought I wanted to be a pharmacist, but it ended up not being the choice I should have made,” said Mr. Bohn. 

Mr. Bohn didn’t feel passionately or attached enough to pharmacy, so he decided to change his degree to social studies and either become a teacher or work at a museum. He had teachers in his family, so he seemed to be leaning towards becoming a teacher 

“I originally became interested because I really like the subject-I really like history a lot- and when I decided to do something with history, teaching seemed like the most realistic job you can have,” said Mr. Bohn. “My uncle was also a teacher and I saw how that could be a job I would enjoy doing”

He received his social studies degree at Southeast Missouri State University and came back to Notre Dame spending his career positively influencing his students on an academic and personal level. 

“I loved going to school and getting to interact with the students everyday. I love the subject I teach [world history] and I love when I can share my love of that with the students,” said Mr. Bohn. “ If I can get them to like it the way I do, then I can see some of that interest in them. That’s something I really love to see.”

Mr. Bohn is not only a beloved teacher, knowledgeable and helpful, but also a coach. He felt very passionately about running ever since he was younger. 

“I loved cross country when I was in high school as a runner,” said Mr. Bohn. “After I graduated high school, even while I was at pharmacy school, I still kept up with the team [Notre Dame cross country team].  I still enjoyed going to cross country meets after high school. ”

He became interested in coaching at the same time he thought about teaching. His uncle was a coach at Notre Dame and he saw how much he had enjoyed it. 

“I thought that I might eventually like to help coach,” said Mr. Bohn. “And so a couple years before I graduated with my Social Studies degree, I asked Coach Davis [former cross country coach] if I could help be an assistant coach for the team.”

He is now the head coach for the cross country team and continues to teach every year. But what does he enjoy outside of Notre Dame?

“ I love trivia. I love going to trivia nights. I like to travel when I can,” said Mr. Bohn. “I’m looking forward to travelling again, hopefully soon, maybe next summer.”

During his free time he enjoys watching television, such as Netflix, and reading books. 

By: Charlie West ’24