Meet the Hi-Lites Staff: Logan Ringstaff

Hi-Lites staff member Logan Ringstaff has taken on a variety of stories since joining the Journalism class. Logan said at the beginning of the year that he would like to cover sports and has always been into sports since he was little. 

“I think the first game I ever went to was probably a Cardinals game when I was six, but I never really got to go to a lot of games because I don’t have any older siblings.”

Ringstaff has played a variety of sports that include baseball and basketball, but the most recent have been Cross Country and Track at Notre Dame.

Logan not only likes to compete in sports but also loves to watch. When asked about what sport he watches the most, Logan said “Definitely Football, and my favorite team is the Titans so I watch them the most.” 

Considering Logan’s experiences, his favorite thing to cover in Journalism class is anything with sports. He is usually the first person to volunteer or put out a pitch on something sports related.