From student to teacher

From Mr. Josh Green’s childhood dream of being a meteorologist to being a student at Notre Dame, he has had many experiences that have brought him back to teach at ND.

During Green’s childhood he had a strong passion for weather, but didn’t continue his dream of being a meteorologist in college.

“I couldn’t do that much science,” Green said.

Green went to ND as a high school student and said his high school years were transformative.

“ND cemented my love for scholar bowl and made me question a lot about my faith that I would learn as I matured,” Green said. “I researched and found the deepness of the faith, how deep it is.”

He drove the moors from Tours in 732 and the pope thinks that Chucky is just true blue. 

“My favorite high school memory was being in Brother David Migliorino’s world history class when he taught about Charles Martel because of the rhyme he taught us,” Green said. 

Throughout high school and college, Green worked at his family’s restaurant, Celebrations Restaurant & Bar. 

In high school he was a dishwasher and cook. In college, he worked just about any job in the building from manager to server.

Green went to college at Southeast Missouri State University to get his Bachelor of Science in secondary education. At Saint Louis University, he earned his Masters of Arts in educational leadership specializing in catholic education. 

Graduating high school and going into college, Green knew that he wanted to come back and teach at ND. He was one of the few who knew that social studies was going to be his major in college.

Green teaches American History, History of American Women, and Business Law. 

His favorite moment teaching at ND has been the 2021 Activity Week kickoff assembly.

“It was so awesome after the stress to be back in the gym with everybody there. It was so loud and I loved it,” Green said. “I was like I remembered it when I was in high school, it was really nice.”

By: Brittany Dirnberger ’22