We are incredibly thankful to all of our donors!

Annunciation Awards

“By Word and Deed, Your Presence Has Enriched the Lives of the Students of Notre Dame and Served as an Example For all.”

This statement is the basis of the distinguished award presented annually by the Education Fund Foundation to individuals who have devoted immeasurable time, talent or treasurer to sustain Catholic Secondary Education to this community, known as St Mary High School, Cape Catholic, Notre Dame and Notre Dame Regional High School.



Sister Carol Weber, SSND
*Bob Drury – Drury Southwest Inc
Monsignor Richard Rolwing


Wanda l. Drury
Marian Charities – *Hilary Schmittzehe
NDHS Education Fund Foundation Founding Board
Bob Basler Steve Dirnberger
Ed Hart *Ken Hayden
*John Holland Mike Margeson
Jim Maurer *Bob Reiker
Sr. Carol Weber


Bishop John J. Leibrecht
*Monsignor Pruente
Thomas L. Meyer
*Joseph Quatmann
*Al Zimmer


*Father Ralph Duffner
Msgr. Raymond Orf
Msgr. William Stanton
Vincentian Congregation of Missions
*Lucille Grojean


*Virgil Elfrink
*Guy Harper
*Martin Jansen


Carolyn and Bill Bohnert
Shirley and Charles Drury
Tom and Suzie Reinagel
FE *Gene and *Vera Rhodes


*Richard and *Mary Jo Dirnberger
Dr. David and Flo Johnson


Margin of Excellence
*Frank Emmendorfer-Mike Kohlfeld
Frank Jones-Tom Essner-*Jim Vandeven
Cynthia King


*Dr. David Crowe
*James L. Drury
Dennis and Kathy Vollink


Drs. MaryBeth and Bill Kapp
Columbia Construction Company


Michael and *Charlotte McCrate
Steve and Martha Slaten
*Jim and *Helen Tlapek
JP and Anne Tlapek


Paul and Dorothy Summers
Brad and Michele Wittenborn
Franciscan Brothers of Brooklyn


Mike and Diane Himmelberg
Bob and Bari Neff-Ford Groves
MidAmerica Hotels and Drury Restaurants
Dan, John, Diane, and Ken Drury


Tony & Donna Buehrle
Drury Development Corporation
Drury Southwest, Inc.
Knights of Columbus Council 11205


The Acts of the Apostles Society

In Scripture, the book of the Acts of the Apostles demonstrates the importance of missionary work in the early church. The Acts of the Apostles Society of Notre Dame Regional High School was created to recognize our generous donors and meet the financial needs of the school as it continues to spread the Gospel one student at a time. This community of donors is committed to Notre Dame Regional High School’s motto, “Give us your child and we shall return you an apostle.” Those donors who make a cumulative donation of $1,000 or more within the fiscal year will become members of the Acts of the Apostles Society.