Hints for a Successful Campus Visit

Visiting Campus

Visiting a college campus will provide firsthand impressions for you and your family. You will learn about the people, programs, facilities, and in general, learn a great deal by being on campus and discussing your plans with a college official. This may be the deciding factor in your college search.

  • Before you start thinking about visiting any colleges, some “homework” is in order.
    • Begin looking through the college information in the Counselors’ Office or begin searching online.  Think of the things that are important to you: programs, size, location, cost, activities/athletics, etc.
    • Talk over your ideas with your family and your counselor.
    • Request information from the colleges that interest you.
    • Narrow your list to about five or six choices.
  • When you have narrowed your list, call the colleges ahead of time to set up an appointment.
  • Meet with an admissions officer to verify admission requirements (tests, high school preparation).Discuss your chances for success.
  • Determine college costs. Ask about financial aid opportunities, including scholarships, as well as deadlines, required forms, etc.
  • Meet with faculty in the academic area of interest to you. Ask questions about academic offerings.
  • Attend a class to get an idea of typical size, teaching style, academic atmosphere.
  • Ask about the placement record for graduates in the field you might study.
  • Identify career planning services for undergraduates.
  • Tour the campus (be sure to check out the dorms, dining hall, library, etc).
  • Talk to students about the general academic environment and the study commitment necessary for success.
  • Find out what student activities are available (clubs, intramurals, organizations, etc). Inquire about campus life and social activities in general.
  • Investigate transportation options.
  • Eat a meal in the dining hall.
  • Spend a night in the dorm.
  • After your visit, make notes on your reactions to the college so you can later compare to the other colleges you will visit.