Bob Miller Award Recipients for outstanding contributions to the Booster Club

Congratulations to Tim and Jennifer Coad who were announced at the Senior Banquet as the recipients of the Bob Miller Award.  The Coads will be officially recognized at the Summer Golf Tournament.  Thank you Tim & Jennifer for your support of Notre Dame and Notre Dame Athletics!!

“Bob Miller, a 1952 graduate of Notre Dame, was a member of the basketball and baseball teams. In 1972, Mr. Miller gathered a group of volunteers and formed the Notre Dame Booster Club. Mr. Miller passed away at the age of 42. Thanks to the efforts of Mr. Miller and his group, the Notre Dame Booster Club continued to grow. After his passing, the Booster Club began giving the Bob Miller Award in his memory.

This award is given in recognition of continuous and meritorious service that best upholds the name and tradition of the Notre Dame Athletic Program and of Notre Dame Regional High School.”