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Franciscan Mission Trip 2020

Students recently returned from New York City where they participated in the Franciscan Mission Trip. Principal Tim Garner and Faculty member Sarah Strohmeyer accompanied the students. NDHS students were joined by St. Anthony's HS students. You will also see another familiar face in the images - Brother David!!

Miss Strohmeyer explained their main service projects:
The Midnight Run - Going into the city with busses packed full of things for the homeless.  We passed out pants, shirts, shoes, socks, hoodies, coats, sandwiches, soup and hot chocolate.  The busses park on a corner and the homeless come up to the bus and tell us what they need.  

St. John's Bread and Life - An organization that has lots of outreach for the poor.  Soup kitchen, Food pantry, Clothing, Legal help, help with housing and many other services.  We helped in the Soup Kitchen and the Food Pantry

The INN - Also an organization that has lots of services for the poor.  Our groups worked serving people in their soup kitchen.

Hour Children - An organization that aids children of moms who are incarcerated.  They provide care for children and housing for newly released mom's and their children.  We sorted through donated toys for them to take to Rikers Island for the moms to give to their children on visitation day.  We also worked in a thrift store sorting clothes to be sold for fundraising.  One group helped set up an area for Teen Activities.  

On Monday we also had a group helping clear brush at St. Joseph Home for the Aged.  Another group helped an 80 year old retired teacher whose husband recently passed to purge some of her belongings.  

Thank you for being Christ to so many people! 



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Kam Dohogne signed with Columbia College to play baseball next year. Dohogne, who was the 2019 SEMO Conference Pitcher of the Year, finished 5-3 overall with 51 Ks and a 2.26 ERA last season. In addition to baseball, Dohogne is a member of the Bulldog soccer and basketball teams. 

Congratulations Kam!

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Foods Classes, under the direction of Mrs. Davis, participated in the Annual Swiss Roll Bake-Off Challenge. Each "kitchen" group competed in baking and decorating their Swiss Rolls. Thank you to our esteemed judges: Mrs. Worley, Mrs. Menz, Mrs. Timpe, Mr. Schweain and guest judge Mr. Jim Noon. 

The winning team baked a Tiramisu Swiss Cake Roll. Congratulations Grace Lemons, Graciana Helman, Winnie Pickett, and Kaitlin Campbell. 

Happy Valentine's Day!!

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FBLA competed at Southeast Missouri State University in a variety of business and career-related areas. Congratulations to the FBLA students and Faculty moderator, Mrs. Gail Timpe!

Moving on to State for placing first in performance events: 
Business Plan: Maggie Eby & Mollie Jennings
Client Services: Selena Priggle
Public Service Announcement: Selena Priggle and Natalie Timpe
Management Decision Making: Hudson McVay, Austin McGill, Kristen Barwick 
Hospitality Management: Alice Burge and Madelyn Elledge

Moving on to state in objective tests:
Parker Pfeiffer
Paige Barber
Paul Scherer
Kristen Barwick
Elizabeth Raines
Kathryn Taylor
Vincent Klueppel
Gabe Hurley
Jordan Gunn Dunn

Also receiving medals at district competition: 
Electronic Career Portfolio; Parker Pfeiffer 3rd
Graphic Design: Avri O'Daniel 2nd
Job Interview: Jasmin Maisuria 4th
Sports and Entertainment Management: John Essner, Paul Scherer, Gabe Hurley 4th 



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10-10 Winners for January

Thank you to those who have purchased tickets to the 10-10 Club sponsored by the Home and School Association. 

Tickets are only $10!
**One ticket is drawn EACH day for $10 cash prize.
**The winning ticket on the LAST DAY of the month is worth $100 cash!
**Winning tickets go back into the raffle pool so you can win MORE THAN ONCE!!
The drawings run throughout 2020 - Jan to Dec.
Purchase tickets online - or contact Shelly Powderly,

Here are January's Winners:

1/1 Roger Compas
1/2 Leo Meyer
1/3 Donna Hess
1/4 Karen Elfrink
1/5 Victoria Moon
1/6 Mya Shaffar
1/7 Vera Hennemann
1/8 Beverly Essner
1/9 Noah Huff
1/10 Maria Gates
1/11 Tara Elfrink
1/12 Susan Dirnberger
1/13 Dorothy Burke
1/14 Danny Glastetter
1/15 Ryan Mattes
1/16 Eric Glastetter
1/17 Danny Glastetter
1/18 Joe Johnson
1/19 Bernie Baldwin
1/20 Stephanie Westrich
1/21 Stephanie Westrich
1/22 Tricia Eftink
1/23 Terry Eftink
1/24 Sheila Cunningham
1/25 Michelle Heisserer
1/26 Mary Ann Maloney
1/27 Monica Goodin
1/28 Alan Hennemann
1/29 Jo Norman
1/30 Eli Shaffar
1/31 Lance Duncan - $100!!

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Congratulations Meghan Dohogne (2010)! Meghan is a grad student at UMKC and is in a Fellowship Program with the Arrowhead Art Collection at Arrowhead Stadium, home of the Kansas City Chiefs. 

"IPhD student Meghan Dohogne is an Arrowhead Art Collection Fellow. The position is more specific than a general internship and connotates a higher level of specialization and achievement, which is important because only graduate students are eligible to receive it."

-- Story by: Bridget Koan,
Published: Jan 30, 2020 on UMKC Today


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Current Notre Dame students visited their grade school alma mater, Saint Francis Xavier in Sikeston. The students participated in a friendly game of Volleyball.

Freshman - Hayes Evans
Sophomores - Ruhl Ault, Ty Gooch, Connor Hux, Avery Johnson, Witt McMullan, Vincent Klueppel
Junior - Drew Barber 


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Sophomores in Mrs. Menz's Biology Class learned about mitosis in a creative way! Students were asked to model the phases of mitosis by using Oreos, sprinkles and tooth picks.


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All State Honor Choir

Connor Missey ('20) and Molly Sellers ('20) performed with the All-State Honor Choir in Lake of the Ozarks. Connor and Molly auditioned for and won All-District Honors before moving on to All-State. Congratulations!
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March for Life 2020

We are so proud of our students and faculty who are attending the March for Life in Washington DC!
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