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Senior Citizen Dance

The Notre Dame FCCLA would like to invite all Seniors to their Annual 

Senior Citizens Dance

Friday, March 27 2:00-4:00 p.m. 

Featuring Music from The Jerry Ford Combo

Come and join us for an afternoon of free Door Prices, Dancing, Food And Fun!
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Franciscan Mission Trip 2020

Students recently returned from New York City where they participated in the Franciscan Mission Trip. Principal Tim Garner and Faculty member Sarah Strohmeyer accompanied the students. NDHS students were joined by St. Anthony's HS students. You will also see another familiar face in the images - Brother David!!

Miss Strohmeyer explained their main service projects:
The Midnight Run - Going into the city with busses packed full of things for the homeless.  We passed out pants, shirts, shoes, socks, hoodies, coats, sandwiches, soup and hot chocolate.  The busses park on a corner and the homeless come up to the bus and tell us what they need.  

St. John's Bread and Life - An organization that has lots of outreach for the poor.  Soup kitchen, Food pantry, Clothing, Legal help, help with housing and many other services.  We helped in the Soup Kitchen and the Food Pantry

The INN - Also an organization that has lots of services for the poor.  Our groups worked serving people in their soup kitchen.

Hour Children - An organization that aids children of moms who are incarcerated.  They provide care for children and housing for newly released mom's and their children.  We sorted through donated toys for them to take to Rikers Island for the moms to give to their children on visitation day.  We also worked in a thrift store sorting clothes to be sold for fundraising.  One group helped set up an area for Teen Activities.  

On Monday we also had a group helping clear brush at St. Joseph Home for the Aged.  Another group helped an 80 year old retired teacher whose husband recently passed to purge some of her belongings.  

Thank you for being Christ to so many people! 



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10-10 Winners for January

Thank you to those who have purchased tickets to the 10-10 Club sponsored by the Home and School Association. 

Tickets are only $10!
**One ticket is drawn EACH day for $10 cash prize.
**The winning ticket on the LAST DAY of the month is worth $100 cash!
**Winning tickets go back into the raffle pool so you can win MORE THAN ONCE!!
The drawings run throughout 2020 - Jan to Dec.
Purchase tickets online - or contact Shelly Powderly,

Here are January's Winners:

1/1 Roger Compas
1/2 Leo Meyer
1/3 Donna Hess
1/4 Karen Elfrink
1/5 Victoria Moon
1/6 Mya Shaffar
1/7 Vera Hennemann
1/8 Beverly Essner
1/9 Noah Huff
1/10 Maria Gates
1/11 Tara Elfrink
1/12 Susan Dirnberger
1/13 Dorothy Burke
1/14 Danny Glastetter
1/15 Ryan Mattes
1/16 Eric Glastetter
1/17 Danny Glastetter
1/18 Joe Johnson
1/19 Bernie Baldwin
1/20 Stephanie Westrich
1/21 Stephanie Westrich
1/22 Tricia Eftink
1/23 Terry Eftink
1/24 Sheila Cunningham
1/25 Michelle Heisserer
1/26 Mary Ann Maloney
1/27 Monica Goodin
1/28 Alan Hennemann
1/29 Jo Norman
1/30 Eli Shaffar
1/31 Lance Duncan - $100!!

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Congratulations Meghan Dohogne (2010)! Meghan is a grad student at UMKC and is in a Fellowship Program with the Arrowhead Art Collection at Arrowhead Stadium, home of the Kansas City Chiefs. 

"IPhD student Meghan Dohogne is an Arrowhead Art Collection Fellow. The position is more specific than a general internship and connotates a higher level of specialization and achievement, which is important because only graduate students are eligible to receive it."

-- Story by: Bridget Koan,
Published: Jan 30, 2020 on UMKC Today


Read Full Article

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March for Life 2020

We are so proud of our students and faculty who are attending the March for Life in Washington DC!
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Notre Dame Regional High School hosted their 20th Annual Living Nativity on Friday, Dec. 13. 

Director of Campus Ministry, Sarah Strohmeyer said it’s become quite a tradition at the school, taking place each year following communion at their Advent Christmas Liturgy. 

As is the case with many traditions at Notre Dame, the living nativity started with the appointment of Brother David in 1999. A member of the Franciscan Brothers of Brooklyn, the former principal decided to give his students the opportunity to be involved in the solemn commemoration of Jesus’ birth, especially considering its attribution to St. Francis. 

“[St. Francis] was trying to teach the townspeople about the birth of Jesus. So he called local farmers in Greccio, Italy to bring their livestock, called a family who had a baby, and illustrated what that story is,” said Strohmeyer. “It’s important for our students to see the living nativity, and I love the way we do it.” 

A senior girl and boy are selected each year to play Mary and Joseph, with several students standing near as what Strohmeyer said can be understood as “angels.” 

“We have them walk down the center aisle two-by-two, onto the stage. They’re followed by Mary and Joseph, who are in costume,” said Strohmeyer. “We always have a baby from a couple in the community to play Jesus, and many times it’s the child of one of our teachers.” 

This year, Jesus was portrayed by the daughter of Notre Dame science teacher, Josie Menz. Once she was placed in Mary’s arms, faculty member Anita Layton read the poem, One Solitary Life by James Allen Francis, followed by a performance by Notre Dame’s Concert Choir. Strohmeyer said this moment has always been symbolic to her. 

“It’s kind of like they’re offering their child to the Blessed Mother,” said Strohmeyer. “Then, when the couple comes back to get their baby, it’s like the Blessed Mother then gives her child to the world.” 

Joseph was portrayed by senior Blake Morris, who said the living nativity is a great opportunity to prepare everyone for the coming of Christ. 

“It gets everybody in the spirit and sets the tone for the rest of the season,” said Morris. 

Senior Abbey Brandon was selected to act as the Blessed Mother and despite a fussy baby Jesus, was still able to appreciate the opportunity. 

“It was probably really hard for [Mary] because no one would take her in, and she had to go to a stable to give birth to the Son of God. But she was still accepting of her situation,” said Brandon. 

“Normally in textbooks, we’re just looking at a picture. But when you’re seeing the live nativity, you get to see real people, and it’s a clearer image than just reading about it.”

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NHS Toy Drive 2019

National Honor Society hosted a Toy Drive on Tuesday. Students and Faculty brought in over 1500 toys. These toys will be distributed to migrant children in Southern Illinois and through Jaycee's Toybox.  Thank you ND Families for your generosity!

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10-10 Club Tickets on SALE

The activities of the Notre Dame Home & School Association each year are funded by the $5.00/membership dues included in the student activity fee along with the proceeds from the 10/10 Club.  With your support, we are able to provide lock-in t-shirts for the incoming freshmen, hospitality for Back to School night, Open House, the Senior Homecoming reception, Graduation reception, and fund the Senior Banquet.

Here’s how the 2020 10/10 Club works:  An annual membership ticket is sold for $10.  A drawing is held each day during the year.  If your ticket is drawn on the last day of the month, you will win $100.  If your ticket is drawn on any other day of the month, you win $10. After each drawing, the ticket goes back into the raffle pool.  This means it is possible for a 10/10 club member to win more than once during the year.  

Tickets can be purchased ONLINE or by contacting Shelly Powderly at (573)335-6772, ext. 301 or Jamie Shaffar at (573)225-0279.

ND Home & School Association thanks you for your support!

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April 2, 3, 4, & 5, 2019 at 7:00 p.m.

Notre Dame King Hall
Doors open at 6:30 p.m.
Tickets are $10, reserved seating.

Purchase tickets March 1

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There was never a doubt in Karla and Robert Essner’s minds that their kids would go to Notre Dame Regional High School.

“It was just head and shoulders above any other choice for so many reasons: academics, spirituality, and environment,” said Karla. “It really is a community, a family. They enforced what we were trying to teach at home.”

Robert graduated from Notre Dame in 1973, and Karla has been working as an administrative assistant at the school since 2007. Their kids, Nathan, Bonnie, and Lee graduated from Notre Dame in 1999, 2000, and 2004, respectively.

In 1999, when Bonnie was a senior, a certain newly appointed principal approached Karla with the idea of a “senior tree” tradition. She was an active volunteer at the time with in the Pawprints newsletter, a publication sent to Notre Dame parents, that was in its early stages.

“It was a Brother David calling,” said Karla. “It was a way to create a lovely memory for seniors, and a way to bring the class together at Christmas time.”

Two decades later, the Senior Tree Tradition is going strong.

Robert has served on the Notre Dame Foundation Board since 1986, long before their kids were enrolled. As a C.P.A., Robert has provided the foundation with sound financial advice.

“I knew they would be going there in the future, and I wanted to build it up,” said Robert. “I thought it was a good mission, and I had the skill set.”

He currently serves as the Treasurer of the NDHS Education Fund Foundation Board of Trustees.

Over the years, the couple has been active at the high school wherever they could be of help, including Booster Club and bingo.

When it came to establishing a new school building, they both served as major gift solicitors during the first capital campaign. During the second capital campaign, Karla served alongside Dennis Vollink and Danny Essner as co-chair. Recently, Karla served as editor of the redeveloped alumni magazine.

Outside of Notre Dame, they are extremely active at their home parish of St. Augustine in Kelso. They’re both Eucharistic ministers and serve as facilitators for the FOCCUS marriage preparation program. Robert serves as a lector and is a member of the parish finance committee. Karla has been a member of the parish council and school board, worked on St.

Augustine’s confirmation program for nearly 20 years, and has served on St. Anne’s Sodality in multiple capacities.

Although sustaining Notre Dame for their own children was an important factor in their service, they always had future generations on their mind.

“The teenage years are formative years,” said Robert. “If you start them in the right direction, you’re improving society.”

Receiving an Annunciation Award was an honor the Essners did not expect. Karla suspects “It all goes back to that darn monk!”
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