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10-10 Winners for January

Thank you to those who have purchased tickets to the 10-10 Club sponsored by the Home and School Association. 

Tickets are only $10!
**One ticket is drawn EACH day for $10 cash prize.
**The winning ticket on the LAST DAY of the month is worth $100 cash!
**Winning tickets go back into the raffle pool so you can win MORE THAN ONCE!!
The drawings run throughout 2020 - Jan to Dec.
Purchase tickets online - or contact Shelly Powderly,

Here are January's Winners:

1/1 Roger Compas
1/2 Leo Meyer
1/3 Donna Hess
1/4 Karen Elfrink
1/5 Victoria Moon
1/6 Mya Shaffar
1/7 Vera Hennemann
1/8 Beverly Essner
1/9 Noah Huff
1/10 Maria Gates
1/11 Tara Elfrink
1/12 Susan Dirnberger
1/13 Dorothy Burke
1/14 Danny Glastetter
1/15 Ryan Mattes
1/16 Eric Glastetter
1/17 Danny Glastetter
1/18 Joe Johnson
1/19 Bernie Baldwin
1/20 Stephanie Westrich
1/21 Stephanie Westrich
1/22 Tricia Eftink
1/23 Terry Eftink
1/24 Sheila Cunningham
1/25 Michelle Heisserer
1/26 Mary Ann Maloney
1/27 Monica Goodin
1/28 Alan Hennemann
1/29 Jo Norman
1/30 Eli Shaffar
1/31 Lance Duncan - $100!!

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