Athletic Hall Of Fame: 2008 Graduate Mark Himmelberg


Mark Himmelberg was a top-tier athlete during his time at Notre Dame High School, splitting his talents between soccer, basketball, and most notably, baseball. If he had to recall his favorite memories of playing sports at Notre Dame, he would likely choose his involvement in two soccer state championship games in 2006 and 2007, and a baseball playoff in 2008.


“The games were all so fun, and so were the seasons leading up to them,” said Himmelberg.


But the 2007 soccer season stands out to him more than any. This was the year the team dedicated their season to Bruce Brinkmeyer, who passed away while they were entering the playoffs.


“That was a great season, and we ended up coming out on top,” Himmelberg said, in reference to the 2006 soccer state championship. “And, I was fortunate enough to score the winning run at the state championship game that year.”


Himmelberg  also received all-state honors for baseball in 2008.


But, Himmelberg humbly admitted he didn’t do a single sport very well, and that he just happened to be part of several very skilled teams during his high school career.


“I was passionate about being an athlete at Notre Dame, and I was just happy to be a part of it all,” said Himmelberg.


After graduating Notre Dame, Himmelberg attended Rockhurst University in Indiana, where he played baseball for four years as a starting pitcher. After a fifth year in college, he received his Masters in business administration, and his license as a certified public accountant (CPA). He then moved to Bentonville, AR to work at the company headquarters for Walmart. He is now married with two kids, and works as a pharmacy consultant.