Activity Week 2022 Results

Thank you to the Notre Dame community for supporting us during Activity Week 2022! As a school, we raised a net profit of $282,357.86, and set an all-school record of $680.38 per capita!

Top Salespersons in Each Category
Candy: Hattie Coad with $853.00
Trash Bags: Ella Stroup with $10,080.00
Raffle Tickets: Madison Bonham with $2,868.00
IMO’s Pizza: Hannah Bledsoe with $420.00
Butter Braids: Madison Bonham with $1,156.00

Top Homerooms
Freshman Homeroom: 507 with $862.40 per capita
Sophomore Homeroom: 403 with $783.23 per capita
Junior Homeroom: 501 with $686.20 per capita
Senior Homeroom: 502 with $1,211.18 per capita

Overall Salespersons
1st Place: Hattie Coad with $15,504.50
2nd Place: Ella Stroup with $11,601.75
3rd Place: Madison Bonham with $9,469.00
4th Place: Bennett Collier with $7,124.50
5th Place: Aden Marshall with $6,710.88

Overall Class Results
1st Place – Senior Class
Total Profit: $101,935.86
Per Capita: $918.34

2nd Place – Sophomore Class
Total Profit: $73,000.61
Per Capita: $629.33

3rd Place – Freshman Class
Total Profit: $60,582.37
Per Capita: $611.94

4th Place – Junior Class
Total Profit: $46,837.02
Per Capita: $526.25