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The Rotary Club recognized the top 10% of the Class of 2019 at their annual Academic Excellence Banquet. Notre Dame students joined Brother David at the event. Pictured are Andrew West, Brother David, Bailey Beussink, Kassidy Leimbach, Livia Wunderlich, Sarah Smith, Jamie Barnes, D.J. Lynch, Megan Engelen, Lily Parker, Hannah Dodson, Sydney McClintock, and Sierra Greaser. Not pictured, Linda Hu. 

Congratulations to these students for their hard work and dedication to academics!

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Congratulations to Kristen Barwick, Brent Glenzy, Austin McGill, Parker Pfeiffer, and Natalie Timpe for representing NDHS at the FBLA State Leadership Competition and Conference.  

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Math Field Day

Notre Dame math students competed with 570 other students from 27 schools from Southeast Missouri and Southern Illinois in Math Field Day at Southeast Missouri State University on April 11, 2019.  Congratulations to the following Notre Dame students:

Medley Team—2nd place (Yanlin Hu, Rajan Marasini, Jinwoo Park, Lily Parker)
Trig Team—3rd place (Brayden Eftink, Nicholas Hux, Austin McGill, Paul Scherer)
Algebra II Team—1st place (Bradley Cleveland, Jihyun Kim, Claire Southard, Noel Keran)
Geometry Team—3rd place (Narine Berberian, Jonny Dohogne, Kristen Jansen, Avery Johnson)
Non-Routine Word Problems—Claire Southard, 2nd   
Word Problems—Kristen Jansen, 3rd   
Sets and Logic—Claire Southard, 2nd 
Exponents and Logarithms—Nicholas Hux, 2nd   
Number Theory—Yanlin Hu, 3rd and Claire Southard, 2nd  
Probability—Hannah Dodson, 3rd 
Algebra—Jinwoo Pard, 3rd and Hannah Dodson, 2nd 
Mental Arithmetic—Yanlin Hu, 3rd 
Data Analysis—Rajan Marasini, 2nd 

Problem Solving (all participants worked together on this event)—3rd  

Thank you to all our Notre Dame Math Teachers who make this possible!! Thank you Lily Parker for photos!


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This week is National Library Week and the Library is busy with lots of activities.  Scavenger hunts, Meme Contest, BINGO, and today's Edible Book Contest.  Students and Faculty were challenged with creating something edible representing a book.  Winner in the Faculty category was Miss Siebert's To Kill a Mockingbird.  Student winner was Skyler Robert's Scythe.

Thank you Mrs. Powderly and Mrs. Traxel for all you do in the Library for students and faculty!


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WinGS, Women in God's Service, painted faces at the Hope House Easter Egg Hunt over the weekend.  The event was held for foster children in Southeast Missouri.  WinGS is led by Mrs. Gail Timpe.

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During his time at Notre Dame, Michael Gummerscheimer was highly involved in the arts- a passion which has extended well past graduation.


 In high school, Gummerscheimer performed in three spring musicals; he was a member of the ensemble in Funny Girl, Captain ‘Big Jim’ Warrington in Little Mary Sunshine, and during his senior year, played the male lead, ‘Julian Marsh,’ in 42nd Street. Aside from stage productions, he involved his talents at the piano, guitar, and even the synthesizer with school performances and within the liturgy.


 A notable performance on the synthesizer was for the pop concert his sophomore year.


 “I would spend time in advance listening to recordings of the performers’ songs, and picking out the sounds,” said Gummerscheimer. “I would record some parts, and some I would play live along with the performers.”


 His senior year, Gummerscheimer said the school band had hit a rough patch: they were down to six people. Each of those students, aside from Gummerscheimer, played a brass instrument. He said they decided to switch it up that year, and turned it into a brass ensemble.


 “So, I learned to play the trombone that year,” said Gummerscheimer, adding yet another instrument to his toolbox.


 Following his graduation, Gummerscheimer attended Mizzou, where he was involved as a musician at the Newman Center on campus. He even wrote a psalm - at the request of their music director - to be played at mass, where it’s still in use.


 “The church allowed me to stay involved with music, and vice versa,” Gummerscheimer said. “[Music] really kept me involved with the church.”


 Wherever Gummersheimer has traveled, his dedication to music ministry has followed. This includes serving as a music leader for retreats, guitarist, cantor, pianist, drummer, and in choir and handbell ensembles in Irving, Texas, the St. Louis Cathedral Basilica, and churches in Maryland Heights and Des Peres.    


 Beyond the liturgy, Gummerscheimer has volunteered for many projects within music ministry. He has portrayed Jesus in two mime performances of The Passion in 2000 and 2003, and played the part of ‘Natpthali’ in St. Gabriel Parish’s production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.


 Gummerscheimer currently works as a manager in technical accounting and financial reporting at Spire, a natural gas facility in St. Louis. He’s looking to take an early retirement at age 55. One reason: he would like to ‘get back into the stage’ in musical theatre. Music composition is also in mind.


 “Once I don’t have to worry about the working thing anymore, I’d like to spend some more time writing music again,” said Gummerscheimer.

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War of Roses

April 11, 2019
Cape Concourse Building
6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
$50 includes:  4 Rosé Tastings & 4 Bourbon Tastings, Heavy Hor D’eourves, Wine Glass, and door prize entry

Purchase Tickets

The NDHS Education Fund Foundation presents War of the Rosés, an exciting bourbon &  wine tasting adventure.  36 Restaurant & Bar LLC will present 4 distinct Rosé Wines and Thompson Schoch Financial Advisors will guide you through 4 bourbons from the Four Roses bourbon family.  It will be a truly difficult decision to choose your favorite to win the war.

The event will take place on April 11, 2019 at the Cape Concourse Building from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Tickets are $50 and include:  4 Rosé Tastings & 4 Bourbon Tastings, Heavy Hor D’eourves, Wine Glass, and door prize entry.  There are only 100 tickets available for this event.

Sponsorships are available.  Contact Alex Jackson at for the details. 

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To the average Notre Dame student, Lenny Kuper is a force to be reckoned with. When he utters his catchphrase - “Math is fun, math is easy” - to his students, a resounding bout of nervous laughter follows. You must be sure to tuck in your shirt, belt in place and be perfectly up-to-par with the dress code if you plan to pass or enter his classroom.

At the piano, don’t be mistaken - his attention to detail is just as sharp. Yet many students find that the man who loves mathematics also finds the same joie de vivre in the music room.

Kuper earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Education from Southeast Missouri State University with a major in mathematics and a minor in music. He completed his M.A.T. in mathematics, and during the start of his teaching career at Notre Dame, also worked as an adjunct instructor in Southeast’s math department. While Kuper would’ve liked to have earned his major in both areas of study, time was of the essence, and he decided that it would be exponentially ‘easier to teach math than music.’

But his 43 years at Notre Dame have allowed him plenty of opportunity to dabble in both.

“Every type of math in the curriculum: I’ve taught it at some point,” Kuper said.

And for almost every spring musical produced, he’s served as a collaborative pianist for rehearsals, and as the pianist in the orchestra pit. Kuper has also accompanied students, ensembles, and choirs for district and state music competitions each year. And, if he finds that a pupil can sing or play an instrument, he doesn’t hesitate to wrap them into the school’s liturgical music.

Kuper said his involvement in academia and the arts has allowed him to experience his students in a different light.

“You get to know them well through teaching. But you see a different dimension of the kids outside of class, be it through Mission Trips, retreats, or the camaraderie of the spring musical,” Kuper said.

In 1993, he directed music for an alumni dinner theatre production of Nunsense, a fundraising event for new curtains in the cafetorium.

Outside of Notre Dame, Kuper has served as the choir director and music coordinator for St. Vincent de Paul Parish since 1977.

He says he’s slowing down with some of his ‘extracurriculars’ such as district accompaniment. But he still has countless fond memories to look back upon.


“Math has been a joy, but my involvement with music has really tapped more into my passion,” Kuper said. “And each year, the reward is those four shows, and feeling good about the finished product.”

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Notre Dame graduate Marty Strohmeyer has created quite a name for himself as a children’s musical director in the St. Louis area. From holding numerous teaching positions across the city to launching a non-profit children’s theatre company, he has offered much of his life to the stage without stepping foot in the spotlight.

Strohmeyer received his Bachelor’s of Science in Education with a specialization in speech and theatre from Southeast Missouri State University. In 1995, he went on to teach full-time at the private, all-boys Chaminade College Preparatory School in Creve Coeur. Here, he taught theatre for eight years.

During that time, Strohmeyer said he saw a lot of children’s theatre in the St. Louis area that didn’t focus on individual performers, and lacked in technical elements.

“They would pile a hundred kids onstage and not really spend much time working with them to make it a good quality,” Strohmeyer said. “And I just felt like there could be better alternatives.”

So, in 2002, he launched Shooting Star Productions, a non-profit theatre company for children ages 5-19. They have since hired a full, professional set of directors and designers, including a sound designer, a costume designer, and choreographers. Strohmeyer said they host two productions a year, and are now in their 18th year.

Strohmeyer said he enjoys seeing the talent that comes through his direction, and many kids come in well-trained.

“They have a goal of really making it in musical theatre,” Strohmeyer said. “And I’ve had kids that are now working all over New York and for national tours, and they’re very connected to the professional theatre world.”

In addition to his non-profit work, Strohmeyer has been teaching at the Visitation Academy of St. Louis, a private school for girls grades K-12 since 2003. Here, he’s involved not only with speech and theatre classes, but also directs the academy’s comprehensive theatre program.  

Strohmeyer has received numerous accolades for his work over the years. In 2017, the Fabulous Fox Theatre, The Muny and the Fox Performing Arts Charitable Foundation launched the St. Louis High School Musical Theatre Awards. He has received the honor of  ‘Outstanding Direction’ for both years the awards have been presented. Visitation Academy has also received five awards for “best musical” from the St. Louis youth theatre awards out of the nine years they have been presented.

As for donning his character shoes, Strohmeyer says he’s ‘definitely a director.’


“I’ve been onstage four times since college, and I just don’t like it anymore,” said Strohmeyer.

He moved to Notre Dame midway through his junior year, but was still an active member in music and theater. He was a tenor in concert choir, attended District Music Competition with solo and ensemble pieces, and performed for the ‘pop concert’ his senior year. He also starred as Cinderella’s prince in the 1991 production of Into The Woods.

Albeit short, Strohmeyer felt a true sense of belonging during his time at Notre Dame

“At the school I came from, I didn’t feel like I fit in very well. But at Notre Dame... I called my classmates my 52 angels,” Strohmeyer said. “They pulled me in, they accepted me, and loved me. My senior year was the best year of my life.”

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Class of 2016 ND graduate Renee Peters came with our Southeast Missouri State University representative Thomas Romine to the junior College Knowledge Night event on March 26th. Renee spoke about how prepared she felt for college after attending Notre Dame as well as her ability to attend the university without incurring student loan debt. She is currently majoring in Agriculture while concurrently completing an accelerated MBA program. We appreciate Renee taking time to talk to our students and parents about her experience, and we are so proud of her continued success! Thank you, Renee and Thomas!

If you have questions about the college search process, please visit the Guidance Office.

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