1979’s Cross of Hope Still Serves NDHS During Lent

Back in the 1970s, the Theology Classroom, Room 4,  was connected directly to the Notre Dame Chapel separated by only a divider.  Consequently when the divider was closed, the theology classroom became the only room in the school without a crucifix.  This started the discussion that led to the crucifix that adorns the Notre Dame High School commons during lent.

The Class of 1979 made it a priority to create this crucifix which is said to be representative of their closeness as a class.  Each shard of glass serves as a reflection of the members of the class of 1979. With the help of Art teacher Jerry Grim and Edgewater Glass Company for the mirror shards, the class of 1979 constructed their class gift which serves the school to this day.    Beverly (Ernst) Buster wrote the poem on the back:

Christ is the wire; we are the mirrors;
His love is the wood, the foundation.
As we look into the mirrors of our lives,
We see Christ reflected to our image.
We are many unique individuals;
Each different, yet joined together
in the memory of the cross
we bore together.
The future awaits us.
Although we will reflect new images,
the love of Christ bonds our spirits into one.