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Notre Dame Athletics Booster Club

Membership in the Booster Club is open to anyone interested in Notre Dame's Physical Education program and athletic program. The Booster Club finances the Physical Education (P.E.) Department and Notre Dame's athletic program. The club members work to uphold the name and tradition of Notre Dame and it's athletic program.

We support all Notre Dame athletics including swimming, baseball, softball, soccer, basketball, cheerleading, dance, volleyball, track, cross country, wrestling, tennis, and golf. We represent ALL Notre Dame High School athletes and their parents! We are always looking for volunteers! We raise money for sports equipment, MSHAA dues, state bound (lodging & meals), trophies, letters, officials, uniforms, clinics, training books and videos, the Athletic Banquets and more!

Athletic Booster Board


Cris Hess

Treasurer and Secretary

Abby Popp


Kevin Fennewald

Fundraising Committee

Deena Allen
Bruce Robert
Tom Fowler
Tim Welter
Danny Dohogne
Faith Brown
Jerry Grim
Brian Ziegler
Gwen Essner
Kevin Fennewald
Greg Jansen

PR and Special Events

Kim Powers 
Debbie Baumgart 


Jennifer Coad

NDHS Admin. Assistant

Bonnie Westrich

NDHS Finance

Jo Ann Barrett

NDHS Athletic Director

Dustin Wengert

Asst. Athletic Director

Paul Hale

Board Members

Tom Fowler Greg Jansen
Debbie Baumgart Gwen Essner
Jerry Grim
Abby Popp
Brian Ziegler
Tim Welter
Kevin Fennewald
Paul Unterreiner
Danny Dohogne
Kim Powers
Jeff Graviett

NDHS Assist. Principal

Tim Garner

Development Director

Tony Buehrle


Brother David Migliorino, OSF


Not one penny of tuition goes to fund any sport activity or athlete at Notre Dame High School? Which is why we need your support!

Donations Always Accepted!

Corporate Sponsors--All this and more! Contact Tony Buehrle at 573-335-3416!

Field Signs

4x8 custom designed, printed and placed on the appropriate field - softball, baseball, track, or cross country.

$300 per year
$750 for 3 years (one time payment)

Stadium Seats

Engraved and personalized name plates on the stadium seats at Notre Dame High School baseball fields. Perfect way to honor or memorialize a club, organization, or individual!

$300 per seat.

Golf Tournament

Fall & Spring Hole Sponsorship - $150 or $250 for both
(includes personalized tee box sign)

Hole Sponsorship with Team - $600
(Spring or Fall tournament includes 4 person team, special recognition in tournament program and by tournament director)

Tournament Sponsor - Sponsor All Events for $300
(Sponsor both Golf Tournaments and Bowldog Bash)

Bowling Tournament

Bowldog Bash Lane Sponsorship - $150
(includes personalized sign above one of the bowling lanes)

Lane Sponsor with Team - $250
(includes 4 person team, special recognition in tournament program and by tournament director)

Sports Passes

Over 20 local businesses support Notre Dame on the back of these passes by giving significant discounts! Please support them!

$40 - Adult Pass

$20 - Student Pass